Red Bull Origin: A Celebration Of The Birthplace Of Modern Skateboarding Coming To Venice Beach, CA

A new skateboarding competition is set to take place in Venice Beach, CA on May 31 through June 2. Red Bull Origin will focus on big action, bringing out the best skaters, a $50K prize purse, and bringing generations together. The three-day skate session will pay homage to the pioneers of the cultural movement and feature a challenge-based event format set against the Venice Beach backdrop, replicating its most iconic skate spots.

Spotlighting legendary, established, and rising talent, audiences can be wowed by skateboarders who span generations — all brought together around their shared passion for skateboarding.

“Venice was the epicenter to attitude and style which was the fuel for creativity and progression in a culture sport/lifestyle that changed the world!” Shared Christian Hosoi, “Hyped that ‘Red Bull Origin’ Is bringing back some of the original obstacles from the 80’s so we can watch this new gen of rippers shred our faces off by their approach and imagination… 🤙😎 it’s gonna be an amazing weekend of skateboarding and a family reunion of Venice/Dogtown friends/family (legends) on hand to bless the new generation by cheering them on!!!” 

Skateboarding’s origin story could not be described without mention of the sunny streets and vibrant culture of Venice Beach, California. In the 1970s, the Santa Monica and Venice Beach area (also known as Dogtown) became a breeding ground for the Z-Boys and similar groups, birthing the punk and skate subcultures that reverberate through skateboarding today. Now, in the present day, Venice remains a beacon of counterculture, drawing the next generation of skaters to its storied shores. For more information, visit