1Up Tee Is Holding Everyone Accountable in His Latest Video

Emerging Detroit rapper 1Up Tee, known for his mature perspective, uses his music as a medium to impart valuable life lessons. The 25-year-old musician releases his newest single and music video, “Accountability Pt. 2.” Showcasing his unique lyrical prowess, Tee layers thoughtful, introspective verses over a soulful piano and dynamic Detroit-style rhythm. “Accountability Pt. 2” continues Tee’s narrative on personal development and self-awareness. The music video features 1Up Tee amid a sea of television screens, highlighting the pervasive impact of media. Another scene, set high in a Chicago skyscraper, employs a kaleidoscopic effect to mirror Tee’s deep lyrics on self-reflection, prompting viewers to “take a look in the mirror.”